Action Plan

Our Chapter’s Action Plan:


  • 1-2 guest speakers about diversity and inclusion on college campuses/in Greek life
  • Short presentations by D&I committee every other week during chapter followed by discussions in breakout groups about the content matter
    • Committee will provide guiding questions
  • Start sending out monthly book/movie/podcast/informational recommendations for people to further educate themselves


  • 1-2 guest speakers about cultural appropriation
  • Short presentations by D&I committee every other week during chapter followed by discussions in breakout groups about the content matter
    • Committee will provide guiding questions
  • Send out monthly recommendations


  • 1-2 guest speakers about implicit bias
  • Short presentations by D&I committee every other week during chapter followed by discussions in breakout groups about the content matter
    • Committee will provide guiding questions
  • Send out monthly recommendations
  • Find implicit bias trainings on LinkedIn Learning for everyone in the chapter to complete


  • Presentation on various holidays in December and the cultural significance of each
  • 1-2 Netflix Party sessions followed by conversations on Facebook page about the content (same as summer plan)
  • Send out monthly recommendations


  • Implicit bias training through the University before recruitment
  • Have everyone in the chapter take implicit bias tests to recognize their own biases
  • Send out monthly recommendations
  • Find LinkedIn Learning courses on inclusive recruitment practices for everyone in the chapter to complete before recruitment

Here is the Action Plan that Panhel came up with for us:

  • Work to implement an executive board position for Diversity Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion.
  • This person will be voted into their position by chapter members like any other elected office position. They will then work with related campus offices, organizations and personnel to create an environment where each of your chapter members feel seen. This person will also work with your chapter members to regularly receive ideas about how to improve DEAI within your chapters. 
    • Optional: this person may also open up their position to oversee a DEAI committee which will work to improve DEAI within your chapter. 
  • Acknowledge important events within your chapter.
    • Often within our community events such as LGBTQ+ History Month and Women’s History Month take priority as what we choose to acknowledge within our community. By doing this we diminish the importance of holidays and special months and dates that many of our members hold close to them such as World Down Syndrome day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Kwanzaa to name a few. Thus, we would like for your chapter to work to acknowledge celebratory moments that may be important to your current and incoming members. The goal is for them to feel and be seen and cared for.
  • Conduct monthly check-in’s with your members to ensure their needs are being met. 
    • This may occur in the form of a Google form to ask members what they would like to see from your executive board and how you all could support them. The premise of joining the Panhellenic Community is the opportunity for sisterhood, and sisters support one another. It is encouraged that you make this form available at all times for members to have the freedom to make requests or give constructive criticism and feedback. We request that each month you remind members this is an option for them to communicate needs to you if for any reason they are not able to do so one-on-one. Use their responses to address issues within your chapter, create programming and uplift your sisters. 
  • Share at least one diversity presentation during chapter.
    • These presentations will be an opportunity for your chapter to learn more about the unique backgrounds that comprise your house. During these presentations members may share their religious affiliation, important family stories, details about how they identify; anything they are comfortable sharing. Too often conversation doesn’t extend past surface level information which may mean we miss out on an opportunity to make a genuine connection with one another. These representations are an opportunity to spark conversation within your chapter while getting to know your sisters better and acknowledging the many identities that make up your sisterhood.
  • When they are allowed; plan  social events in ways that make your chapter members who identify within the LGBTQ+ community feel seen.
    • Oftentimes social events take the structure of a sorority mingling with a fraternity. This may leave LGBTQ+ community members in an uncomfortable space. Plan events with other sororities to help build a community while removing the pressure to assimilate to heterosexual norms.
  • Learn about the disabilities your chapter members have and work to ensure all of your programming is inclusive and accessible to all of your members and those who may partake.
    • Please remember that invisible disabilities exist and often go unacknowledged. Disabilities can often be uncomfortable to talk about thus, we ask you to work to create a space where your members feel comfortable to open up and allow you to support them.
  • Work to offer scholarships and other forms of financial relief to members within your organization.
    • The largest barrier for many to join sororities is financial strain. The high cost of Greek Life is a result of the systemic racism that continues to prevail within our community. As a result of the current pandemic many families have lost sources of income leaving many of your members to fund their personal expenses including dues. Many of your members may be struggling with the decision to continue in your chapter due to financial strain following the current pandemic. To support your members, work to cut costs when possible to set funds aside to give back to your members and assist them in times of need. We also encourage you to consider starting a member emergency fund to support members who encounter catastrophic life events that render them unable to pay their dues. 
  • Plan at least one program with a Greek Organization from a different council, excluding IFC.
  • Plan at least two (one per semester)  educational programs for your chapters.
    • This may be in the form of a speaker, a collaboration with a campus office, a collaboration with an off campus organization or by attending programming put on by the school and other campus organizations.
  • Utilize your social media presence as a space to show important social issues that you care about. 
    • Your social media may be the first place outside people get to learn about your chapter. Work to convey an honest message about what is important to your chapter.
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