The Committee

Lorane Sherpa

My name is Lorane Sherpa and I am a  junior studying social work and psychology. I was really excited when I first found out about this website and its committee. As a first-generation woman of color, I think that it is crucial to continue to educate yourself and have these tough conversations, especially in settings such as Greek life where there is a lack of diversity. Personally, Greek life was one of the many things that intimidated me because of how predominantly white it was, and still is. However, I am hopeful that this website will challenge people’s beliefs and ignite discussions that will result in meaningful change and a more inclusive space.

Sam Aaronson

Hi pals! It’s Sam Aaronson – Being on this committee and putting together this newsletter is so important for me because, as a Jewish individual, I was always taught that I have a responsibility to repair the world in any way I can. In addition to the teachings I grew up with, I’ve come to examine the duality of my privilege and my otherness as a Jew. During these tough, and often confusing moments, I do my best to educate myself on how to conduct myself and widen my world-view. Hopefully, through this newsletter we can all become more aware, empathetic and do a little to repair the world we’re living in.

Kiana Papin

Hello! I wanted to be apart of this committee because as a multiracial girl in America, I felt that I needed to share my experiences and how they have shaped who I am today. I want to acknowledge that I was not educated on many of the issues we hear about until I came to Cuse. I took the most amazing classes and decided to do more research and learned a lot more about myself and my place in this world. I hope that through this newsletter, everyone can open their hearts and minds to new ideas and feel encouraged to stand up for their beliefs and values.

Laura Zazyczny

We are living through a pivotal time and everyone plays a part. For me, this has emphasized the importance to speak up about what you believe in. Educating yourself is the first step in doing that. Additionally, it is important to keep a continuous dialogue about social justice issues and that starts with those closest to you. I hope that this platform can serve as an educational resource to inform and empower, while also creating a comfortable environment to have meaningful conversations among our sisters.

Kaitlin McKoy

Now is the perfect time for growth – a time to open your eyes to the cruelties of the world, to educate yourself on topics that make you uncomfortable, to accept people who look different than you and to start and continue a dialogue on the injustices of this world. This summer made me realize how powerful people can be when they work together to promote change, and I hope this committee bolsters up the voices that cannot be heard alone. I can’t stress enough the importance of this newsletter to our chapter in hopes of creating a more inclusive environment for our entire chapter.

Jade Taylor

I wanted to be a part of the diversity committee because I think in order to make an impact with large scale problems it is important to start within my community. My goal when being apart of this team is to help continually educate and inform all of our sisters (including myself), so we all can become better allies to each other.

Anna Gulizio

A lot of hate in the world stems from ignorance. While it is not the cause of all hate I think that educating ourselves is one of the best things we can do to combat hate and hold those around us accountable. This committee is an amazing opportunity to do that right in our community and hopefully make our space safer and more inclusive.

Mya Pfeifer

Hello! I wanted to be on the diversity and inclusion committee because I think it’s more essential now than ever than to be taking the time to learn and educate each other. I’m excited to engage in conversations in our chapter and help each other grow and learn so we can all support one another in the best, most informed way possible.

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