And Now It’s Time To Vote

By Sam Aaronson

While we all know Election Day is November 3rd, that doesn’t mean you should wait until November 3rd to create your voting plan and get pumped about voting. For many of us, this is the first Presidential election we’ll have the chance to vote in & it is important that OUR VOICES BE HEARD!

If you’ve already voted (whether through absentee ballot or early in-person voting), you are amazing and I love you! 

If you haven’t voted, I still love you. So much so that I am going to share with you all the information and resources you need to get your ballot in and MAKE SURE IT COUNTS. 

Let’s get into the mood to vote with this awesome video from The Ensemblist!

Alright! You haven’t voted yet? Let’s get you all set and ready.

I’m Voting By Absentee Ballot and Haven’t Sent it In Yet:

First things first, send it in ASAP!!! Make sure you’re using black or blue ink, reading every single thing on the ballot, making conscious voting decisions and following all directions.

Check to see if your absentee ballot needs to be accompanied by a second envelope and/or if you need to include a copy of your id with your ballot and/or whether or not you’re allowed to take a selfie with your ballot.

Take a look at your individual state’s guidelines, here:

Or here:

Local Syracuse Post Offices That You Can Drop Your Ballot Off At:

Syracuse University Post Office

720 University Ave

Syracuse, NY 13235


Colvin Elmwood Post Office

2200 S Salina St

Syracuse, NY 13205


Downtown Syracuse Post Office

444 S Salina St

Syracuse, NY 13201


Syracuse Post Office

5640 E Taft Rd

Syracuse, NY 13220


Teall Post Office

226 Teall Ave

Syracuse, NY 13217


I’m Voting in Person

Whether you’re voting early or on Election Day, it might be smart to prepare for some delays and long lines. We know this election is going to be like no other, so I wouldn’t be surprised if voting was like no other time too!

If you plan on voting early in Onondaga County, here’s some more info for ya!

List of Onondaga Polling Places:

I Don’t Have a Plan

That’s okay! There are a few options if you don’t have a plan yet. Unfortunately almost all of the registration deadlines have passed, as well as the appropriate time it would take to receive and send in your absentee ballot. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t vote. If you are already registered in the state and county in which you reside, you can vote in-person at your local polling station. 

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to this committee or anyone on Exec, we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction and get you to the polls on Election Day. 

All in all – GET OUT AND VOTE! 

Don’t take my word for it – take Fawn Moscoto’s! (she’s from New Girl, if you haven’t seen New Girl, watch New Girl)

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