As members of Alpha Xi Delta, we have always prided ourselves in instilling a sense of accountability within our community and fostering growth, whether that be personal, professional, or intellectual. We recognize that everyone has the potential to grow and open up as an individual, but recognize starting that process may be difficult for some. The creation of the Diversity and Inclusion website was intended to provide the members of our chapter, as well as the greater community, with a starting ground for a long road of self-education.  It is clear that racism, as well as many other isms, is prominent in our society as seen through the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others, along with the hateful and discriminatory acts committed on our campus in the fall of 2019. In times like these, it is no longer an excuse to remain ignorant. 

While it’s true that performative activism is seen throughout social media, it doesn’t take away from any of the truth. Our generation is diverse, we are educated, and we are ready to see change. The Diversity and Inclusion website wishes to serve as an ever developing platform. Education and social justice have no cap, they advance day by day with the spread of information. It aims to provide access to articles, studies, podcasts, movies, literature, and more in order to ensure that we, as well as the members of Alpha Xi Delta, are unable to remain ignorant. Allyship is not a one time thing, but rather something that we must actively work on and we must continue to educate ourselves and others. We wish to uplift our surrounding community by starting with ourselves and raising the standard. 

Our chapter reaffirms its disdain for discrimination, bigotry, and hate, and is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels accepted. While this website was created by members of the Alpha Xi Delta Eta chapter, we look forward to sharing our discoveries and thoughts with a greater audience as well. We hope that the pieces we share, write, and reference help encourage others to engage in dialogue regarding these pressing issues.